La Luz spend the day watching cartoons, but there's something not quite right! After being gifted a mysterious TV, the band start getting sucked into their favorite toons in this mixed media adventure from director Nathan Castiel. Will Shana save Alice and Lena before it’s too late? Tune in to “Watching Cartoons” and find out! 
Directed by Nathan Castiel 
Shana Cleveland
Lena Simon
Alice Sandahl

Adrian Younge
Diana Diaz
Misha Lindes
Produced by Nathan Castiel and Keith Boos 
Director of Photography: Justin McWilliams
Production Designer: Keith Boos & Sydney Marquez
House Miniature by Sydney Marquez

2D Animator: Corey Watson
Claymation Animator: Spaghetti Jesus 
Hair Stylist: Allison DeMoss 
Edited by Nathan Castiel
Colorist: Dylan Hageman

Hardly Art Records / Sub Pop Records

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